Easy creation of formatted "table" on forum posts

If you ever want to paste a copy of your table data into the forum so that it is easy to read, I have a new component just for that purpose:

Simply direct the output from your KNIME table to it, and execute the Clipboard Writer, and it writes a copy of the table to clipboard in a format that can be pasted directly into a forum post:

You can configure it to limit output to the first n rows, and also filter the columns.

For example, executing the workflow pictured results in me being able to directly paste the following table here, which can save a great deal of effort when trying to place examples in a forum post:

Code value rec date Another Number
A 1 2012-10-01 3.14
B 2 2023-04-08 1.718718
C 3 2024-12-31 23.654
D 4 2025-06-04 10.99

… and if somebody uploads a forum post with data in this format, and you wish to use it in a workflow, then simply add my “Delimited Text Reader” component on a workflow, open the configuration and copy and paste the table directly from the forum message, and set the delimiter to \t like so:

and it will do its best to infer the datatypes on your behalf :slight_smile:

You can also use the two components to enable quick copy/paste of data between two different copies of KNIME running on the same machine, as I’ve updated the Delimited Text Reader to be able to handle data pasted in, in “forum table” format too…

Set the column delimited to just the | symbol. The reader will automatically remove the table header marker row, and the apostrophes added around the column values

I hope you find it useful! :slight_smile:

The clipboard writer has been tested on Windows 10. It uses java to write to the clipboard, so hopefully will also work on other Operating Systems!

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Hi @takbb -

Shall we move this post to the main KNIME Analytics Platform category so more people will see it?

Yes OK. I forget that this area doesn’t get quite so well frequented. Thanks @ScottF.

Just a thought, perhaps it would be good to have a “component builders” area at some point in the future, as I don’t feel right about “clogging up” the main forum even if I think a component might have wider appeal :wink:, and you know how I enjoy writing components!