Eclipse view


I would like to create an Eclipse View ( that displays the first couple of rows of a selected KNIME node.

If I understand correctly I have to implement some event listeners. Which ones?

I got a sample View running and now I need to establish a connection to the KNIME stuff...

Any hints to documentation and sample code would be greatly appreciated.



PS. I believe it is not on any of your to do list, or???

Did you already have a look at the KNIME Node Monitor view?

Yes, that is already pretty close to what I am looking for. Just that I need to see the first couple of rows for each output table.

What is the class called to create that node monitor, maybe I can learn from it...

I think it is: org.knime.workbench.nodemonitorview.NodeMonitorView.class



I just saw it is already doing everything I am looking for.... The functionality is just very hidden...

cools stuff, just missing some docs/info or didn't I see that as well?


That's very useful - I had seen the view before, but not realised some of the features it includes.  It would be very useful to have this better documented!

Also, I would like to look at the source too - but try as I might, I cannot find it - any more pointers?



I found it in this jar: org.knime.workbench.editor.source_2.8.2.0039366.jar

The class is: org.knime.workbench.nodemonitorview.NodeMonitorView.class

It's possibly from one of the features labled "(do not install!"), which was an instruction I didn't follow.




Thanks - that's great!