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I had to roll back from v4.7.1 to v4.6.5.
In the newest version, the Table editor has the option to suggest with a dropdown menu the values of the columns as shown in the following screenshot (button “Use domain of incoming table”):

My problem is that with the older version, it seems that this option is not available as you can see in the second screenshot:

Is there a workaround? This is a basic need for the UI of my workflows

The workflow nodes:

Screenshot from 2023-05-05 14-28-01

Basically, I want to suggest Both False and True to the user in a dropdown menu something I could do with v4.7.1

Thank you!

I know that a workaround would be to append rows to the table with all the possible values for every column that I want to suggest to the user.
Hopefully, there’s an easier way without modifying my table!

Hi @vasichar11 ,
thank you for your question.
Indeed, in previous version of KNIME Analytics Platform Table Editor used to recalculate the domains of columns before showing them in dropdown in the interactive view.
The fix - the checkbox you indicate, which allows to use domain of incoming table - has been introduced only in release 4.7.0.
To my knowledge, hence, there is no workaround rather than what you suggest in your second message, because Table Editor in previous releases will recalculate the domain (it is also the reason for Edit Nominal Domain not being able to influence the dropdown).
I hope it does not cause much inconvenience and that you will be able to use newer release KNIME Analytics Platform for your task in the near future.


Thank you for the confirmation! I will try to see if I can at least hide the rows that are used just for the purpose of the domain calculation.
It’s nice that this was fixed for 4.7 though!

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