Editing the KNIME workflow description so that it looks good on the WebPortal


Does anyone know how to edit the KNIME workflow description so that it looks on the Webportal the same way it does on the KNIME AP? e.g. i want sentences to start on a new line, increase indentation, have empty lines between text etc. so that it is easy to read on the WebPortal…

Thanks in advance!


Hi Mike (@michazeidan),

I’m not quite sure where on the Webportal you mean - for me it just does what you explain :wink: Could you share a screenshot?

This is what it looks like for me (NKIME AP 4.4.1 and Sever version 4.13.1):

The middle view shows the workflow in its folder on the webportal - there the description is abbreviated drastically to give a good overview if you have many workflows sitting in this folder. Is that what you mean? The right view you get once you click the box (but not the yellow run button) - and the description there pretty much resembles the description in the AP.


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Hi Lukas,

Many thanks for your reply and nice images. what i was referring to is the AP description you labelled above versus the ‘WebPortal WF’ above. for your workflow they look pretty identidal. for mine they don’t - the ‘WebPortal WF’ version has no spacing between sentences and lines.

I’m begining to think that this is because these are workflows we’ve migrating from an old version of the KNIME Server (4.8.1) to a newer version (4.12.2)…? I’m converting the old workflow’s ‘Meta information’ in the old version into ‘Description’ in the new server…

have you seen this issue before in such cases and do you you have a possible solution?

I might try creating a new workflow, pasting the old workflows into it and editing the description o the ‘new workflow’ from scratch, unless there’s an easier solution?

Thanks again for your help,


Hi Mike,

thanks for the clarification! You’d have to use the latest Server version for linebreaks in the WebPortal, I’m afraid - I just dug around in our internal tickets and found that this was discussed before, only one Server version further than you are: the ticket WEBP-747 was resolved for Server Version 4.13.1 (hence it was working for me). Prior to that line breaks where not possible in the WebPortal, unfortunately. On the plus side, the transition should then not involve any manual adjustments.

Sorry for that and best,

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Hi Lukas,
Sorry for the delay in responding and many thanks for the investigation and details. For now, I think i’ll create some ‘text output’ widget nodes that will contain the formatted model descriptions on page 1 of the Webportal workflows. I tried this on some models and it seems like a reasonable alternative. Then, hopefully once we make the next upgrade we can have this formatted information clearly displaying for each model before execution.

Once again many thanks!