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I want to use Eclipse EGit plugin in my KNIME. I have tried installing the EGit Plugin in Help -> Install New Software. But that does not give KNIME the full functionality of EGit plugin. I want to import a git repository from github that has KNIME workflow files, make changes in KNIME, and commit the changes. Any idea how to proceed? 

Thank you.

Hey yatish,

As far as I know there is no direct support for git included in the KNIME Analytics Platform, especially not via Eclipse plugins (mind that the KNIME Explorer is not the Eclipse Package Explorer). However, of course you can more or less manually track KNIME workflows via git. See this forum topic to get pointers on how to do it.

If you want an elegant solution within the Analytics Platform you might want to look at the KNIME Server. There is also the KNIME Productivity Extension, which allows you to compare two (versions of a) workflow(s).

Thanks FA. That's helpful. I think, as of today, both KNIME Server and KNIME productivity extensions are not free or opensource.  

Hey yatish,

That is correct. Both are commercial products. If you want a free/open source solution there is a link in my first reply that gives you some pointers how to do that, but that's not as easy to use as the commercial extensions. However, if buying an extension is not an option you might want to look at that solution.

Hope that helps anyways.


The KNIME Productivity Extension is freely available!

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Thanks Ferry and Thor. Given that KNIME server does the job of maintaining workflow versions and sharing, I would like to know if it is possible for a team of data scientists to collaborate on KNIME server platform. More specifically,

1. Can they team members make changes to the same workflow and save revisions? So then other members can update their workflow to get those changes and make further edits and saves to the workflow? Similar to github for team of programmers.

2. Is there any chat or discussion integrated with workflow or sub-workflow - so it may be easier for team to discuss on what problem they are trying to solve in a node or group of nodes?

We are a research team Syracuse University working on a collaboration platform project for data scientists. We are trying to use KNIME platform for workflow and github (since we do not have access to KNIME server) for collaboration. But we do not want to re-invent the wheel if you have already integrated all the collaboration tools in KNIME server.

Thank you very much.


In answer to 2 - you could use either the workflow metadata (right-click on the workflow name in the KNIME Explorer view) or, more visibly to the users, add one or more workflow annotations within the workflow editor itself. I’ve used this as a may of keeping a changelog for complex workflows and also for making TODO: type notes as well.

We also use git to store test workflows, using pretty much the method described in the post linked by @ferry.abt -but if you want to keep data from partially executed workflows then you will need to modify the .gitignore file given in the comments to that post


I would like to work with EGit directly in KNIME Analytics. Git allows branching, merging, pull requests etc. Is KNIME Server providing the same?

Is there any chance to get EGit running in KNIME and not rely on collaboration features of KNIME Server - because Git is a reliable, well known version controll system - why should KNIME reinvent the wheel?

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