email a report from component with multiple view

I created a workflow that contains several simple output visuals (a couple bar graphs and two tables):

When I execute the workflow, then select ‘open view’ - I get the simple report I"m looking for - formatted bar charts and two tables. Looks as expected. The tables are bit a large, so in the interactive view, i can scroll down and to the right to see everything.

How do I then export that interactive view into an email. is it an xml? or do i need to break everything down independently to send? I’m trying to avoid sending two excel sheets with the tables, and four bar charts independently (send the one report that is in the ‘open view (F10)’) with the recipient having the ability to either download each table independently, or scroll through the data.

Hi @ebarr,

First you need to enable report in the component layout editor. Go inside the component and on top you find the button to open the layout editor where you can find the “Enable reporting” option at the bottom. After enabling the component report, the corresponding report input/output ports will be added to the component. You have to connect the Report Template Creator node to the input port and then connect the report output port to the Report PDF Writer. After generating the report PDF, you can send it as an attachment using the Send Email node.

If you like to learn more about the new KNIME Reporting feature, take a look at these:


Worked perfectly - thank you!


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