Email .doc file from a batch execution


I have a workflow that creates a report that the user is currently using in the Webportal.  In the Webportal, they have the option to email upon completion, which allows them to send the report as an email attachment in one or more of the listed outputs.

Is this possible if you use the batch option from the command line? 





No this is not possible with the batch executor.

Hi Thor,

Thank you for the response.  Is it possible in the WebPortal to generate multiple reports?  For example, I have a workflow now that allows the user to input some initial paramter data that is used by the workflow to retrieve data and then that massaged in the workflow and ultimately displayed in the Webportal window.


Is it possible for the user to input a file with X lines that contain the required parameter data, so that one execution can  generate X number of reports; one for each of the lines in the input file via a loop?

Each workflow can only generate one report. However, we are working on a mechanism to call workflows from another workflow. The first "input" workflow will take the parameters and loop over them and call a second "output" workflow in each iteration. This is planned for one of the next server releases.



We described our attempts to do something like this here -

Slide 20 or so is about where you need to look.  It is a bit of a messy approach, so hopefully an "official" solution will be available soon

Hope this helps,


Hi Steve,


This looks very interesting.  Do you have a demo file that you can upload for me to test?



That should be no problem.  Give me a day or two to distill down one of our example cases to something simpler!


Try importing the attached -

You will find 2 workflows which hopefully provide a very simple example case.  You need to do some configuration of some of the quickforms in "Report Master Workflow" to ensure that the "Report Creator" workflow is found ok.


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