Email sending error

Hi everybody,

I have one new error from the “send email” node that worked correctly couple of days ago!

ERROR Send Email 3:211:1264 Execute failed: javax.mail.Provider: com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPProvider not a subtype

any idea?

thanks in advance.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

I would guess that you need to change an admin setting to make sure that imap and smtp are allowed. Maybe an admin or update changed the allowed settings?

Hi @iCFO,

Thanks for your reply, can you tell me where I should go and check this matter, I checked the Gmail settings and it was okay I assume.

No Gmail experience on my end. A few other things that I have seen cause issues is that the From field must match your email credentials, and firewall settings can also block and cause errors. I typically allow outgoing KNIME traffic and open those ports.

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Hello @Sajjadmosaheb ,

I had a personal account with Gmail I used with the Send Email node.
Since May 2022, Google changed its policy and does not allow third-parties to send emails through its services using username and password only.

Have a look at this post and follow this link:

If your email address is personal, I would consider creating another address with another provider.

Have a nice weekend,


Hi @lelloba,

Thanks for your reply I knew this, this workflow without any changes was working last week, and suddenly It has had this error since yesterday!!!

maybe I had to change it at the end :frowning:


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