Embed SQLNet Settings

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We connect to multiple Oracle environments utilizing OCI; one database uses SSL for encryption and the another uses client-side encryption. Unfortunately, this causes a “Double Encryption Error.” Is there a method to embed the below settings into the KNIME Oracle connection to remove the need to use the sqlnet.ora file? Is there a method for adding the wallet location information from sqlnet.ora into tnsnames.ora? I’m open to suggestion on how to get around this issue. Thank you.



in the Oracle documentation it is mentioned that for the thin driver you can set these settings via JDBC parameters. In KNIME you can specify these parameters via the JDBC Parameters tab.

Oracle wallet properties can be set via JDBC parameters as well if you are using the thin client.
In order to use Oracle wallet please see my following comment regarding the driver registration and the bug that will be fixed with the next release which will be published very soon.


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