embedding data inside a KNIME example workflow


I'd like to create some sample workflows for download and embed the source data in the workflow itself. I see this done with the workflows that can be downloaded using the KNIME "Server Workflow Projects" view. Looking at the reader in one of the samples (001001_Time_Series) a flow variable is set for the base URL. The flow variable is named "knime.node(drop) forex.dat". The forex.dat part is the file name. The other looks like a standard variable name, like "knime.workspace".

I tried setting that flow variable in my own flow, but don't see a way to do so. Any ideas on how this special variable is set or how to reference the install directory of a workflow in the configuration of a node?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, I may have answered my own question ... looks like if you create a directory with files underneath the directory containing the node artifacts for a workflow, the "knime.node" flow variable will be populated the next time you edit the node.

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One more thing: the folder you create within the node's folder has to be named "drop". Otherwise when you save the workspace whatever folders/files you add get deleted.



Dropping data inside a workflow is an extremely nice feature. Do you thing it would possible to copy the “drop” directory when you are coping a part of a workflow in an other workflow, other wise the new workflow is broken and does not work anymore unless you copy the stuff manually.