emoji in text

How to insert a special emoji like this " :red_square:" in a text

Hi @arddashti,

Are you asking how to insert it from the keyboard, into (for example) a Table Creator or one of the “script” nodes?

If so, you should be able to select emojis from the keyboard using one of the following techniques to bring up an “emoji selection dialog”. NB… This isn’t a KNIME feature; it’s a feature of your particular OS.

On Windows 10, hold the Windows key and press the period/full-stop (.) key

For other operating systems, I have this from searching the web, so hopefully correct:
On Apple, Command-Control-Space
On Linux, Hold Ctrl + period/full-stop (.) key

It won’t necessarily appear exactly as it does in the emoji selector (it will be monochrome for a start)


but the correct character should now be present in your text, and if you have something downstream in your workflow that makes use of the character or outputs it to a document, it should be correct.


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