Empty interactive segmentation view

From a series of images, I have isolated some region of interest from the images and labelings using the segment cropper, then resize the image and labeling in order to have the same size for the full serie of images (just in order to open it easily in ImageJ).
I also renamed the label and (re-)set the metadata of the images since the segment cropper seems to have removed them.

I end up with my column of images and labelling as expected.
I can properly visualize them in the image viewer but no more in the interactive segmentation view ! It just displays a blank area and the drop down menu are empty…

More surprising : if I save the knime table to a file and reload the table with a table reader node and connect the interactive segmentation view, this time it works !

I have attached the workflow and 2 images.
HeartBeat_Bug.knwf (45.6 KB)


This bug is seriously messing the rest of my workflow…
I tried converting the faulty labeling with the Labeling converter but I have the following exception

ERROR Labeling Converter 0:129:0:109 Execute failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Only native img labelings are supported, yet.

@l.thomas I am sorry for the missleading error, you need to use the Labeling to String based Labeling node to fix your labeling. I will investigate more why this problem occurs, though.

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Great, thanks !
Trying different stuff, I just realised the Label transformer also fixed the issue but your solution is more convenient

I noticed that the bug also occurs after the morphological labeling operation node (which might not appear in the first workflow I posted though)