Emtpy table (switch) in loop is not the same structure

Hi I’m new here and struggling with my empty tables withing a big loop.
My loop contains a empty table switch that bypasses another loop (in the metanode) but the outcoming tables in the Empty table branch is different to the table in de top branch.

Do I have to fake the table structure from the top branch to keep the collected results of the loop clean?

Like in Continue loop after an empty table occurs.

Or am I missing out of a simple “Continue loop” function

I Probarbly found the solution 4min after posting the topic.
Setting these booleans in the Loop End should work according to the discription.

I was afraid of this creating poluted table structures, but empty table are ignored including the structure.


Hi @dijkstran -

Welcome to the forum - and thanks for posting your solution!


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