Enable per workflow log for existing workflows on KNIME Server

Is it possible to enable the per workflow logs on an existing workflow without using KAP? Is there a config setting on KNIME server, or within workflows living on KNIME server, where I can enable per workflow logs, or do we need to re-upload the workflow with that setting enabled in KAP?


Hi @ehansen4 , I know in Knime there is an option to enable logs per workflow:

I am not sure how it would work on the server though

Hi Bruno,
Thanks for the reply. We have enabled that for subsequent workflows, and it seems to be working as expected, but we have a couple of existing workflows on the server that the developer won’t have time to pull down, modify, and re-upload for some time…partially due to our production deployment process. I’m hoping there is some way to enable it in place.


Hi @ehansen4 , I am not sure I understand… I believe this is a global setting in Knime, rather than enabling this per individual workflow, at least that is what I understand what this setting is for.

So, enabling this setting I believe will do this for all workflows, unless I am mistaken…

Simply put, I want to know if there is a way to enable it for existing workflows, created by the developer without per workflow logs enabled, without using KAP.

Hi @ehansen4,
It is only possible to enable this feature (storing of the log within the workflow job) per executor, not on an specific workflow/schedule/execution.
To enable this for all KNIME Server executions you have to add the following line in the executor.epf or preferences.epf (on older KNIME Server installations):



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