Enabling searching values from a hidden/ Non selected column in table view or tile view

  1. Is there a way to enable search values from a hidden/ Non selected column in table view or tile view!
    Any CSS code or other possible techniques for the same?

  2. Also Table view and tile view Java-Script view fluctuates a lot making it really tough to navigate through the view, especially to see columns on extreme right hand side?

Hi @sathya_159 , the Search feature is essentially a filter and will look into any columns that you include in the Table View. It’s going to filter what’s from the view, so only the columns that are in the view will be looked into, it will not search from columns that are not included in the view.

Regarding the options you highlighted in the Flow Variables, just remember that whatever is in the Flow Variables tab are options that already exist for that node. The Flow Variables simply allows you to overwrite/override the values of these options dynamically.

The 2 options you are looking for are in the Interactivity tab:

If you want to control them via Flow Variables, then define 2 boolean variables and set the values to true or false. Otherwise, you can set the values in the Interactivity tab (checked = true, unchecked = false)

For your 2nd question, can you show a screenshot? I don’t understand what you mean.


Hi @bruno29a thanks for the answer for question no.1.
Regarding 2nd question, I would like to share a screenshot, what happens is as soon as you open Component Java-Script view, the screen flashes/ fluctuates zoom in and out which make is tough to see the values as you can see below.


Hi @sathya_159 , thanks for the attempt on the screenshot :slight_smile:

This is a weird behaviour indeed. I’m not sure why it behaves like this. Does it do the same thing on different browsers?

With chromium embedded framework it behaves so.
Other browsers I don’t find them efficient, I tried Bundled Chromium Browser but it didn’t help much.
Could you please check my setting @bruno29a

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