Encoding UTF-8 on CSV file

Hello folks. hope you all are fine at this moment.

im new to Knime and of course, to this community. glad to learning something so powerful and flexible

so… straight to the point. im facing an encoding characters issue.

we were working on a Win10 PC, importing a CSV file, no problem. after that i loaded the very same CSV on my Mac (Catalina) then i got those “?” instead of specific characters in Brazilian Portuguese language like “ã”, “á”, “é” and “ç”.

i found out it very strange since all other programs on Mac works fine, and the workflow and the CSV also had not problem in Win10 PC.

See below what is going in with my file, this is a screenshot from File Reader > File Table


Thank you.

Hi @madscientists -

Have you tried changing the encoding setting on the associated tab in the CSV Reader node?

2021-01-29 10_57_33-Dialog - 0_445 - CSV Reader


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