Encountered loop-end without compatible head!

Hi team,

I am stuck at “Encountered loop-end without compatible head!” error. Can some please let me know how I can resolve this error?

I think it’s happening because of the Deleted Files/Folder node, but I am not sure how can I resolve this or it could be because of try variable ports. I am not sure where to look at for this error and then resolve it.

All the workflow if executed manually are working fine but when they are connected to loop end in the end it is giving an error.


@Ankit_smart my first guess would be that you would have to catch the empty tables and the inactive branches before you come to the loop end. And if a brach is inactive you might have to provide an ‚alternative‘ (maybe empty) table to continue - which you seem to have done on one occasion.

Here are links to maybe relevant threads:

One option would be to upload the workflow maybe with some dummy data so the community might have a closer look.


Hi Team,

Thanks for your support. as I could now share the data with you due to confidentiality, I was able to sold the problem myself but I don’t how I was able to do this.

Thanks for your support

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