Encouraging forum users to mark solutions, to help tidy the forum

As @scottF has posted before, it is useful if forum users mark solutions because this helps us see what has already been solved, and also helps people get directly to the solution if they have the same or similar question.

It takes time each time to write out a message asking users to mark the solution, and also it feels a bit like you are trying to get recognition, but if everybody tried to encourage users to mark the solutions, the forum would be a tidier place and @scottF could probably have a day off :wink:

So I decided to copy the message as an image so it can just be dropped into a post, and (so I don’t feel like I’m going it alone and seeking “ticks”), I would like to encourage you to make use of this too.

Now there is no point clogging up the forum’s cloud storage with multiple images of the same thing, and I believe that the way the forum works is that once an image is uploaded, it remains available with a unique reference, so I’ve saved this line of text in an editor that I can just copy/paste from.
I’ve also saved this post as a “bookmark” in my forum profile, so I can find it easily in future.

I’ve done it this way because the message itself also includes images and it felt “simpler”. You may disagree, lol.

Being displayed as a slightly reduced size image, it also shows up differently from the remainder of the text that is written, so it stands out.

![image|690x188, 75%](upload://sRyGMABuqIAfshKpxnaVifXK8K1.png)

Next time a user thanks you for solving their problem, along with telling them that they are welcome, paste the above line into your post. It should drop in the following image:

well… that’s they theory anyway. Of course alternatively you could just copy/paste some text. The choice is yours :wink:

Happy solving! :slight_smile:

I offer a different idea: if a user logs in again, a banner pops up asking if the last problem they encountered has been solved, and if so, flag it. Or by email reminder, after a certain period of time, ask if the problem was solved by some answer, if solved, just flag the solution to thanks someone.

It might also be nice to solve this matter through a process. Of course, the specific reminder and prompt process also needs to be considered. I’m just throwing ideas, to give an example.


Hi @HaveF , yes I agree that it would be nice to have something built in to encourage solution-marking, although I guess it might get annoying if you have a question that hasn’t been resolved (even after many weeks/months) and you get bugged every time you login. That might have a negative effect.

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Instead of a banner it could be placed at the bottom after the last response and be visible to the original poster only. That way it is right in front of them every time they read a new response / potential solution. Wouldn’t have to be long. Just a short line of text and perhaps an arrow toward the check box.

“If this solved your problem, please mark it here to help other users find it as well!” (Arrow pointing to solution box)

Would be small / minimally intrusive. It could be highlighted in a light yellow to help draw the eye a bit.


Yes something automatic would be great. In the meantime a new possible graphic to paste which is less distracting, but gets the message across:

![image|690x28, 75%](upload://cRpbObH8pVaycSjoDNEMTLFpvSc.png)


I feel like you are solving 70% of posts these days anyways. Just by virtue of you including this, it should clean things up nicely for the rest of us! :rofl:

lol, I’m only solving what I think of as “yellow node” problems… i.e. nothing involving anything too fancy :wink:


Brian’s idea of posting an image is fine - whatever helps encourage people to mark replies as solves (and rack up more solutions for our power users! :slight_smile: )

I will say that Discourse already supports something like this by default, and we do have it enabled (visible to the OP only, as iCFO notes):

2023-09-08 14_28_51

But ultimately this is problem where “you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink”. The eternal struggle of forum admins everywhere :sweat_smile:

One thing we are thinking about doing in particular for new forum members - similar to what HaveF suggested - is sending them an email a week or so after their post making sure that they got the help they need, and pointing them to other KNIME resources. That should help as well.

Anyway, nice discussion, happy to have more suggestions from you all about anything that you feel would help!


I have but two targets and then my forum life is complete…

  1. help @ipazin be the first to achieve the 500 solutions milestone (2 to go at time of writing!). Will there be a party?
  2. achieve 50% of Ivan’s solution tally (quite a few more than 2 to go!)

… But who’s counting? :rofl:


Would it be possible to throw a bright yellow background behind the pop up note that’s only visible to the OP? I have certainly never noticed it on any of my threads, but I probably view these threads enough to visually tune it out either way…

What about including an “unsolved topics” count in the notification area that can be clicked on to access those threads? Seems like that would get the job done over time, especially if they can’t be dismissed.

That should help put @ipazin over the top!

I also think you should cap the solution total once people hit “Solution Institution” to give the lowly Guidance Councilors a chance! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t plan it. But you (or anyone else from Community) are free to contact me if in Zagreb, Croatia to grab a beer or two :wink:


Congrats on your 500th “official” solution @ipazin ! :partying_face: For that and the thousands of other times you helped users on threads, we salute you! :saluting_face:

You are so far out ahead that it is going to be a lonely club for a few years…


Hear hear! Congrats @ipazin

By the “4 to 1 ratio” rule of actual to confirmed solutions, you probably now have 2000 solutions under you belt :wink:

I’m sure @ScottF must be crafting a new commemorative badge as we speak! :rofl:


What about a new 500 solutions badge? “Solution Singularity” Or “Solution Saturation” Or “Superfluous Solutions”


“Node-body does it better” :wink:


@iCFO @takbb thank you!

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