Enhancement: change landing page with most recent workflows / fully customize

When opening KNIME V5.2 in Modern UI, the landing page mentions Get started with KNIME Analytics Platform 5 and has a section of Examples. As advanced user, I don’t need these and normally directly move to my local space or server space to open a workflow. The old UI also lists the most recent workflows (File->Recent Workflows). Having this on the landing page would speed up the process of navigating to a workflow on a recurring basis.

Taking it one step further, it would be conveniant to have the ability to choose how the landing page is constructed. For example, it would also be help if we can move the server spaces up the list.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open KNIME

Actual results:
Examples on top of the landing page

Expected results:

  • Have to option to choose an overview of most recently opened workflows instead of examples.
  • Customized landing page.


Windows 10 (build 19045)


Thank you for the feedback @ArjenEX.

I have opened NXT-2246 for this.



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