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While the KNIME AI assistant is a cool new feature, it did not produce an ideal result when I tested it.

I tried to use it to build a workflow that helps me deal with missing values in my dataset. I’d expect it to produce either or both the missing value node and the missing value column filter nodes. Instead, it provided a string of row filter nodes to filter each column one by one. This approach is inefficient and the row filter nodes do not provide the different methodologies to deal with missing values the missing values node provides.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Ask the AI for a workflow which deals with missing values

Actual results:

A string of row filter nodes.

Expected results:

Missing Value node and/or the Missing Value Column filter node




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My current feeling is that the build assist is a nice gimmick which has a lot of potential, but seriously lacks proper training. The examples are endless.

What should I ask the bot for it to understand my questions to begin with and respond that I need Xpath nodes? :sweat_smile:



and first of all thank you for trying out K-AI’s new build mode.
You are right, that K-AI currently has access only to a very limited number of nodes and we hope to improve that with future releases until it eventually can use most of the nodes that KNIME has to offer.
I already put down missing value handling and XPath nodes as use-cases that K-AI should be able to cover in the future.

Thank you for your feedback and best regards,

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Thanks @nemad!

I would highly recommend to put this important disclaimer in the welcoming message of the bot to set a more realistic expaction of its current capabilities. I’d say it avoids a lot of future topics from people reporting “bugs”, similar to what we have mentioned here.

Thank you @ArjenEX,

that’s a good point, we have some changes to the texts lined-up anyway and will include it there. The ticket number for these changes is AP-21523.

In my previous post I forgot to include the ticket numbers:
Missing value handling: AP-21573
XPath: AP-21574

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Internal ticket ID: AP-21523
Fix version(s): 5.2.0
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