Enhancements for Python Script Node: Dynamic Progress Bar and MOJO Integration

As an avid user of the Python Script Node in KNIME, I have two suggestions to enhance its functionality:

  1. Dynamic Progress Bar: Currently, the progress bar stops at 30% for longer-running scripts, which can be misleading. It would be beneficial if the progress bar could be dynamically influenced from within the script, providing a more accurate reflection of the script’s execution status.

  2. MOJO Integration: Integrating MOJO from Modular (Mojo 🔥: Programming language for all of AI) could significantly improve the performance of the Python Script Node. MOJO offers a fast and memory-efficient alternative to the traditional Python interpreter, which would be especially valuable for computationally intensive tasks.

Implementing these enhancements would greatly improve the user experience and efficiency when working with Python scripts in KNIME.

Hi, @ekadagami
I like your first idea.

Imagine how great it would be if we could control the Progress Bar by assigning to knio.progress_pct.

knio.progress_pct = 20

...do something...

knio.progress_pct = 80

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