Entropy Scorer without a Reference column

Hi everyone!

I want to calculate entropy of K-means clustering using Entropy scorer node. I’m using USArrest 1973 dataset (Details). For entropy scorer node, we need to have reference column but this dataset does not have any.

Please help me out here.!


Hi @Daniel_Sousa and welcome to the forum.

I seem to remember in some prior examples that use the Entropy Scorer, you actually end up connecting the output port from the k-Means node to both ports of the Entropy Scorer:

2020-12-14 10_50_45-KNIME Analytics Platform

This looks a little weird but in some cases gets the job done. If you’re still having trouble, maybe you can post an example workflow of your progress so far?

Thanks Scott!
I’m following the same workflow as you described above.

Entropy scorer have following configurations:


Using same configuration for Entropy following results obtained:

Now if I change the reference column from “Assualt” to “Murder” Entropy change.

I’m clueless about this. I need to find out the optimal number of clusters for K-means. And As far as I searched, it can be easily done via Entropy scorer. For that it requires reference column. So I need your advice on this.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I didn’t look at your dataset first. Hmm.

Well, your dataset doesn’t have a reference cluster column at all - you only have the state and the 4 numeric columns. So I don’t suppose you can use this method.

You may want to check this recent forum post for some additional suggestions about the elbow method and Silhouette coefficient: Clustering in Knime


Thanks scott.

Your response is quite helpful.
One more thing: whenever I searched for the problem online, it states that there should be 4 clusters. But when I use the above extension, it shows that there should be 2 clusters. So any suggestions?

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