Environment can't installed

I want to install Python Extension to Knime
but I got this problems
what do I have to do?

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@fernandoganteng welcome to the KNIME forum.

Two things:

  • you would only use python 2.7 for very specific use cases. Otherwise you should use a version 3.6+ . Maybe best 3.9
  • you want to make sure knime can access the internet and you have proxies configured if necessary. Are you able to get knime updates and install extensions?

Concerning Python I have this:

There is a bundled Python version in knime

You can read about how to set this up

(also link to the official python integration guide:

KNIME Python Integration Guide)

If you want to know in detail how to set up your own Python environment with conda I have this blog:


Hi Okta,

the forum already has this issue answered: Unable to integrate python with Knime

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