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This dashboard visualizes data of patient from the sandbox environment.

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I tried running this workflow and it throws an error on the get request…is the url provided still valid? It also does not work when pasted into chrome

Running into the same problem - is there an update or another node to use to ‘get’ the request?

Let’s check with the authors of the workflow. @aliasghar_marvi and @Francosinus , any update you can provide here?

Hi @shreyaramella,

As per the link in the blog, this GET request will only be successful if you also paste the authentication token from Epic on FHIR. For this specific workflow you can get the authentication token as described in the blog. Open any API and click on “Try it”. In the text box with label, “Raw Request”, you will need the authorization token from there (also highlighted in the blog).

The one which is already part of the workflow is expired, sadly bearer tokens have expiry of at most 5 mins or so. You will need a new one for executing the workflow every time.

Hope it helps,


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