Eradicating mirrored rows

Hi guys, I have an Excel datasheet of 3192 rows in total, with two columns each. It looks like this:

I need to get rid of half of the rows, because they consist of what I describe as “mirror rows”, like the ones I highlighted in the same color. These rows have the same numerical value assigned on the second column. The first column is actually the names of pairs of documents separated by the - sign. Taking the green rows, for example, both of them assign values for documents “o” and “def”, hence I only need to keep one of them.

P.s. the second column doesn’t contain just 0.99 values.

I’m not sure of what combination of nodes suitable to get the results I want. Kindly help in ideas, thanks.

Hi badger101,
try this one: duplicate.knwf (15.3 KB)



Thanks so much @Luca_Italy ! I tried it out and validated the solution, it worked! Really appreciate it.

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