Dear all, I upgraded from 3.6.0 to 3.6.1 and now all Erlwood nodes donot work anymore. I removed the Extension and installed it again with no results. I Need a tip what to do. I see that it is installed, but doesnt appear in the repository. If it is a bug, then there should be a Workaround to fix it. Regards Sami

HI Sami,
the same happened to me installing update from 3.6.0 to 3.6.1 and from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 Analytic Platform. ErlWood Nodes and all KNIME REST node set disappeared from node list and could not be recognized opening the past workflows. The routine which asks for reinstalling lost nodes did not work.
It is pretty annoying!!!
I am considering reinstalling everything but taking last working version (3.6.1). I am running on i5 PC with W10 OS.
I have already requested attention on erlwood nodes before but now it seems that updating involves also basic nodes “obscuration”. The nodes seem to be there but they are not seen as present…

Hi Andrea, thank you for your Feedback. I myself tried to remove the erlwood extensions and then reinstall but was not successful - of Course with restarting the Knime platform every time. I did this after updating to 3.6.1 and also after updating to 3.6.2. If new Installation may solve the Problem please let me know.

Best regards Sami

Nothing to thank for, Sami.
Reinstalling older 3.6.0 did work for me. However you have to reinstall all community nodes you need (thus Erlwood as well). Fast Internet helps reducing the annoying workaround. I suspect there is some nodes (new nodes? new version of older nodes? groups of nodes? reciprocal dependencies?) which mask something.
There might be an installation order to respect. Just thinking loud.
Reinstall, believe me.

Fine thanks again Andrea for your Feedback and Advice. I consider doing it as well! Best regards Sami

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