Hi Mark,

could you share it with me as well.


I just want to give an update on my problem, for which I found a solution thanks to the efforts of @mlauber71 and @Mark_Ortmann. Thank you both.

I’m on MacOS Catalina, R3.6.3 and KNIME 4.1.2.

The compilation problem I was encountering installing Rserve 1.8.6 seems to have been related to trying this install from within RStudio. In the end, I needed to do everything from the command line using the steps:

  1. clarify openssl path: export LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/
  2. boot your specific R binary instance from the command line
  3. remove any earlier version of Rserve (e.g., 1.7-3.1): remove.packages(“Rserve”)
  4. clean install of Rserve 1.8.6: install.packages(“Rserve”,“”, type=“source”)

Clarifying the library path to openssl and performing all R operations from the command line is what facilitated the proper install of Rserve. Trying to do this from within RStudio was the issue (for me) that caused the clang and openssl compilation errors. R is now communicating with KNIME R snippet and view nodes, without error.

I hope this helps other Mac users who may be encountering the same problem.