Error appending date to database table


I'm using Knime 3.4.0 and found maybe a bug. When I create a new table with a date column and write a record everthing is fine. When I change the node to "append" to the newly created table, I get the error "ERROR Database Writer      0:10       Execute failed: Column "datum" of type "Local Date" from input does not match type "DATE" in database at position 0"

I tested this with the SQLite and MS SQL JDBC driver to exclude JDBC problems. The append works for varchar and int but not for date. The node creates a correct database table but is not able insert into the same, existing table anymore.


- Table Creator Node with one columns of type "Local Date"

- Database Write to SQlite with SQL Type of "date" for the column

- let it run without/with "Append" checked


Hi coffeemug,

unfortunately this is currently not supported.

We did a complete rewrite of our date and time integration in KNIME 3.4. There are some items left and one of them is the database integration.

For the time being, please use the legacy date and time nodes.

Sorry for being not more helpful, I will push this item for you!

Cheers, Iris 

Hi @Iris, I see that this issue still exists in latest version of Knime. Do you know how soon this type mismatch error will be addressed ?

Hi Joseph,

this will be supported with the new Database Integration. We will release the first batch of nodes as a preview with KNIME 3.6 and the final release of the new Database integration will be in december with 3.7.

Best wishes, Iris