ERROR Benchmark Nodes: fromIndex(1) > toIndex(0) when in component


Hi there,

I notices when enclosing the benchmark nodes, anyone btw, in a component, the following error is thrown when the option “Report node times” is activated.

ERROR Benchmark End (Memory Monitoring) 3:1334:0:1275 Execute failed: fromIndex(1) > toIndex(0)

Kind regards

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Thanks @mw - Will have a look and get back to you.

Could I check what version of KNIME you are using and OS? And do you have any other output in the console?

UPDATE: I have tracked down where this error is occuring - now I just need to figure out how to fix in KNIME 4.x without breaking it in KNIME 3.x versions - hopefully be able to roll out a fix in the next few days.




Was a little bit off the grid the past days. Deadly mens flue knocked me partially out. Glad to hear you managed to pin down the cause. Good luck fixing it. by the way, Knime 4.0.2 on OS X Mojave (not recent released Catalina).

Let me know when I shall try your fix on my machine.