Error by loading csv and excel file in sharepoint.

Hello everoyne,

I am experiencing issues by loading some csv and excel files in a SharePoint. The files are prepared in KNIME and as every month loaded in the Sharepoint. For some reason I get today the error by loading the files in the SharePoint “Input string was not in a correct format”

Thank you for the help

Hi @amelia,

could you provide more detail?
E.g. an screenshot of your workflow for a basic understanding what you are actually doing? (or better an example workflow!)

What nodes do you use for the upload to sharepoint? The excel writer or rest node?
Or something else?

Maybe without any infos the following ideas
-Does the file look different from the previous one? e.g. missing colunns?
-Is a file in sharepoint but locked by a user?
-is the upload url correct? e.g. broken through a missing value or similar
-empty the knime log and then only execute the failing step -> it should give a more detailed error message
-filter all rows from the csv -> does the error still appear with an empty csv?


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