Error - Call remote workflow

Hi Team,

I am using a call remote workflow node to execute my workflows.

My previous version of call remote workflow node was like below where I was passing workflow path from flow variable and it was working fine.

Today, I changed the version of call remote workflow node which looks like this. I used the same flow variable to pass into workflow name but I got this weird error,

ERROR Call Remote Workflow (Row Based) 0:4348 Execute failed: Value ‘knime://knime-workflow/…/00-FileCleanUp’ does not match variable path with pattern [^:]*

Can someone please help me with how can I fix this issue?

Thank you

Hi @ShinagdeS

the reason is that you are using the /Call Remote Workflow (Row Based) instead of the local version. This will execute a workflow on KNIME Server and the workflow relative links do not make sense here.