ERROR ChEMBLdb Connector Input


I am new to KNIME, and I am trying to do a search of my molecule on ChEMBL’s database using the extension, “ChEMBLdb Connector Input”. Under the Compound Search tab from the Configure option, my search type is “similarity”, similarity % is “75%”. However, when I tried running the node, i get the error message: “ERROR ChEMBLdb Connector Input 3:2 Execute failed: cannot be cast to”

Does anyone have any idea why this is so?


Same problem here, did u manage to fix it?


Hi mderks,

Nope couldn’t fix it, but I found a way around it. It works for my project, I’m not sure it will for yours.

What I did was to download relevant structures of interest from CHEMBL, and run a similarity search on them.