Error - Configuration area is not writable

Hello everyone,

Requesting a little assistance here please. Whenever I try to open Knime, it throws the following error 'The configuration area at \location.… is not writable
May I know what could be the reason and solution for the same please, would really appreciate any help.
Attaching the screenshot for reference

Thank you!

Uhm can I get any help on this please! would really appreciate any help!

@Saishiyam these things come to mind.

And then provide us with a log file in debug mode to maybe see what is going on

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Hi @mlauber71 Thank you for the reply, will ask my team to try it. Also, I believe that the error happens when they try to open KNIME itself. And also we are using the same version throughout, so I dont think we can update it

We faced the same issue on a virtual desktop. Here is the solution that worked for us:

  1. Right click on the KNIME shortcut icon from desktop and select “Properties”
  2. Navigate to the “Shortcut” Menu tab and append below text after the path under “Target” field:
    " -configuration <your C:// path>"
  3. Click apply and save changes.
  4. Close any existing or stuck KNIME instance
  5. Launch KNIME again via double clicking on the KNIME shortcut.

This time the KNIME Launcher will ask and show the path you selected and then launch the application.

Hopefully this helps! (I couldn’t find any info on this online anywhere)


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