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I am new to the Data Science domain and for my a small assignment for school I have chosen to investigate the Credit Card prediction approval to predict if applicant are risk or not for a bank or credit card company. This dataset is also available on Kaggle. The idea is to create a working flow with KNIME.

I have done the data preparation by using the KNIME node.

The problem is that a get this error:
WARN CASE Switch Variable (End) (deprecated) 5:1942:0:1322:0:146:0:158:153 Multiple inputs are active - causing node to fail. You can change this behavior in the node configuration dialog.
ERROR Binary Classification Inspector 5:2002:0:1322:0:1407:0:1400 Configure failed (NullPointerException): null

This happens when I run the KNIME AUTML Node to train different models.

Help would be really appreciated, The deadline is end of this month to finish the assignement.

Hello mbougharda,

Welcome to the KNIME Community !

First of all the node “CASE Switch variable” has been deprecated. It basically means , that node will be taken down in future.
For this reason , I would say it is better to use any other alternative. The community can guide you if you can describe exactly what you are using it for.

It seems more than one input is coming to the node and causing the error.

Hi @mbougharda
it looks like you are using this AutoML component: AutoML – KNIME Hub

Can you share the kaggle dataset link so that I can have a look?

The error message you pasted has both a warning and an error.
The Case Switch Variable is giving the warning.
The Binary Classification Inspector is giving the error.
This is a view node simply used to visualize the results of the training.
You can try to de-activate the view in the component settings (there is a checkbox).

Please attach here the workflow so that I can have a look and possibly improve the component.

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