Error connecting to knime server 4.10.1 from knime AP 4.1.1 - The encryption key must not be null or empty

I recently upgraded knime server to 4.10.1 from 4.9.2. Instead of updating entire installation(including tomcat), I installed a separate knime server executor of 4.10.1. Knime Server and Knime Webportal are working fine.
Also, I am able to connect to the updated server from Knime Analytics Platform (AP) 4.0.2 as well as Knime AP 4.1.0. However it gives below error in knime.log, when I try to connect to server from Knime AP 4.1.1.

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The encryption key must not be null or empty

I am guessing, this has something to do with encryption added for workflow configurations in knime server 4.10.1, whose secret key should be present in tomee-folder/conf/Catalina/localhost/knime.xml. Can anyone help me with what changes I need to make in knime.xml , to solve this issue?

Hi @mayurin,

unfortunately this is a problem we introduced with that release. Simple workaround is to change the connection from EJB to REST. Would that work for you?


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