Error "Could not find the [RS] database driver"


I have created a worflow that uses the Amazon Redshift Connector. It works locally without any problems. But when trying to run on the Server, an error occurs: Scheduled execution of ‘…/Collection_Score_executor/20a9db75-0808-4e6a-9972-aa593aad19f3’ failed: Could not load workflow ‘…:8080/knime/rest/v4/repository/…/Collection_Score_executor:data’ for 0e6d5a19-b729-432c-8231-ab4e3c330ad0: Errors loading workflow ‘Collection_Score_executor’: Status: Error: Collection_Score_executor 1314 loaded with errors
Status: Error: Collection_Score_executor 1314
Status: Error: Exec 1314:406
Status: Error: Amazon Redshift Connector 1314:406:59
Status: Error: Loading model settings failed: Could not find the [RS] database driver.

How do I install the Amazon Redshift driver on the Server?

Hi @Sergey_Bazov ,

Please see our documentation here about adding drivers to your KNIME Server:

Once you have the correct drivers configured your the client-profiles, your server’s executor should be able to run the same as your KNIME AP. You can also export your settings from your KNIME AP by going to File → Export Settings, and see what the configuration looks like for your redshift drivers from there, and then copy those into your client-profiles (and adjust the paths).

Please let us know if you run into any issues while going through the process.


Hi. Thank you for help, problem was decided.

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