Error Creating Workflow Unable to load... in use by another instance

I am getting an error "Unable to load workflow... It is in use by another instance. Can anyone tell me what this is caused by I am assuming it is the workspace I created but have changed this and it did not solve the problem. thanks, it is Knime 3.4.0

Hi sbaselice,

Do you have two instances of KNIME Analytics Platform opened at the same time and are you trying to access at the workflow from within the same workspace?

Could you please share the log file of the workspace that you are using? You can find it at the following path: <knime-workspace>\.metadata\knime\knime.log

Thank you,


The knime log is too large to upload.

It is not running on two workspaces, but I use it on two computers with a shared file folder via server network.

I delete the .lock file, but it automatically is appearing back in the folder everytime I start up. It won’t let me delete the folder once knime is open.

The issue happens when I use Knime one my desktop, and then try to re-open the same workspace workflows on my laptop.