ERROR DB Writer/Snowflake/Loading Data

Hello everyone,

I’am trying to load a csv file into a snowflake table, but when I execute the DB Writer Node the system display this error message: ERROR DB Writer 4:3 Execute failed: Error while adding rows #-1000 - #0, reason: SQL compilation error: error line 1 at position 45
invalid identifier ‘“uf_cliente”’

My csv file has two columns (uf_cliente,tp_prod), when I tried to load the same data into mysql there was no problem during the workflow execution.

Has anyone experienced this type of bug and managed to resolve it?

Hi @srleite96 , welcome to the KNIME community.

Without seeing what the configuration of your nodes looks like and also the database table structure and your input data there isn’t much to go on, but the error message makes me wonder as it appears to indicate you actually have double quotes in the column name.

Can you post some screenshots of the DB Writer node configuration and your data tables? Also can you show what the advanced tab on your snowflake connector looks like, and finally what is the table definition on Snowflake?

It could be simply that on snowflake the column is defined in uppercase (the default) but you are passing it across in lower case with double quotes turned on in which case Snowflake won’t recognise the column name.