Error during refreshing access token

Hello Everyone,

I need copy files from sharepoint, so I created this workflow, but the workflow not run suddenly.
Execute failed: Error during refreshing access token.
Who knows how to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Banksy,

seems your token expired. Did you perform authentication again? (From node description: Click Login in Microsoft Authentication node to open a browser window, where you can login with your Microsoft identity and, if necessary, consent to the requested access level. The login results in a token being stored in a configurable location).



Hi @Banksy , as @ipazin pointed out, your access token has expired.

You should just need to re-run the Microsoft Authentication node that you have there:

  1. Reset the node
  2. Open the node configuration, Click on Login:

This will open your browser and redirected to Microsoft Oauth2 login, so you can authenticate (I am assuming that you did this successfully before since it look like you successfully ran the node previously):

Once successfully logged in, you should be good to go.

Note: Only connect before you are ready to use the connection, as connections expire as you found out.

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Hi @Banksy,

I usually just rerun the Microsoft Authentication node, there is no need to log in again.


Hi @bruno29a and @ipazin
You are right, this problem solved. I don’t know Microsoft Authentication node need re-run termly.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi @Banksy , no problem. As I mentioned, connections expire for security reasons, so you do need to re-run the connections.

It’s one of these nodes that for some reason stay green which creates confusion as to whether the connection is still alive or not - there are a few other nodes like this.

So, when you get this kind of errors, you know that the connection needs to be re-established even if the connector node is green. Just reset and re-run.

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