ERROR Excel Writer (XLS) 2:172 Execute failed: The system cannot find the path specified


I have a problem with Excel node writer. I have a workflow that running loops for 100 iterations during that everything is working fine and Excel node writes the output files. Suddenly I'm getting this error:

ERROR Excel Writer (XLS)   2:172      Execute failed: The system cannot find the path specified

The name of the file is controlled by a flow variable- the location and the file name is correct! 

I believe there is a bug with the EXCEL nodes- even the reading one as sometimes I'm opening a workflow then I'm losing the nodes.


Hi Malik,

This sounds like the same bug that causes losing the Excel nodes. We have actually fixed this now and will put it out as part of our next bugfix release. If you don't want to wait, you can already use a nightly build ( Of course, this comes with a big warning that it's only a development build that might cause issues in other areas!



Hi Roland

Thank you so much- Ok also i have this bug that I'm losing the Excel node.




Having the same issue, and glad it's getting fixed!

Any specific ETA on when the next bugfix will be released?

Unfortunately no ETA yet - we just had a bugfix release two weeks ago, so it might still take a while for the next one. Hopefully not too long, though!





the request for a bugfix is repeated from me also! :) The sooner the better!


Many thanks