Error for NoneType object

Hi team,
While running the workflow on original data getting small error , But i didn’t found the error while running on a sample data.
Row Comparison_Python.knwf (27.6 KB)
TRACKER_AE.xlsx (14.9 KB)

error was getting on node 6(python script)

if input_table_1[‘Cashlocation’][i] == input_table_1[‘Cashlocation’][j] and input_table_1[‘Currency’][i] == input_table_1[‘Currency’][j] and input_table_1[‘Amount’][i] == input_table_1[‘Amount’][j] and input_table_1[‘ETID’][i] != input_table_1[‘ETID’][j] and input_table_1[‘ETID’][i][0:2] in [“CS”, “CT”] and input_table_1[‘ETID’][j][0:2] in [“CS”, “CT”] and ((input_table_1[‘Transaction SubType’][i] == “BUY” and input_table_1[‘Transaction SubType’][j] == “SELL”) or (input_table_1[‘Transaction SubType’][i] == “SELL” and input_table_1[‘Transaction SubType’][j] == “BUY”)):
output_table_1[‘Cleared?(Yes/No)’][i] = “Yes”
output_table_1[‘Cleared?(Yes/No)’][j] = “Yes”
print(i, j, “Case I”)

the error was on Case I i.e : “NoneType” object is not subscriptable
Traceback (most recent call last):
file “”, line 15, in
TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable**

Hi @Abhiram
Looks like one or more columns are missing. Maybe neither input_table_1 (in the original data ) nor output_table_1 (which is a copy of the former, when the loop starts) have the “Cleared?(Yes/No)” column?

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Duplicate of row comparison - #90 by Abhiram