Error getting data from an API with Get Request

hello, I’m trying to get data from an API that uses header data as an authentication key, but when I enter the information in the GET REQUEST it returns the error below:

obs: I tested it on the postman and it returns the data

I’ve looked on other knime forums but haven’t found anything that can help me

Hi @Gabriel_In and welcome to the Knime Community.

Can you show us what you did? What is the API and how are you passing the headers?

Can you also share what is the http status that it returned?

Hi @bruno29a

Of course, I rode so far like this

The header (the security items I left as xxxxx)

And the http status it return me (401)

And as in postman it runs normally

Thanks for the additional information @Gabriel_In .

Do you have the documentation for the api, or perhaps show how you are authenticating in Postman?