Error in All Cats & Dogs

I downloaded Roberto Cadili’s workflow “All Cats & Dogs? Classify Images with Codeless CNNs” at All Cats & Dogs? Classify Images with Codeless CNNs | KNIME. I ran it exactly as it was downloaded, of course adding the images to the folder where it was looking for them.

All the nodes in Step 1 Define Network Architecture have green dots and seem to have worked fine. Similarly, all the nodes in Step 2 Read and Preprocess Images have green dots and seem to have worked fine, as does the Conda Environment propagation.

But the processing stops at the Keras Network Learner. I get this error:

“Invalid settings: Selected input columns do not provide enough elements (1) to populate all neurons (67500) of network input ‘input_1_0:0’. Try adding some columns to the selection.”

Can someone provide suggestions as to what I should be doing at this point? Thank you!

For another reason, I installed several other extensions that KNIME didn’t tell me I needed. But now Keras Network Learner works. I wish I knew which extension was needed for that to happen.

@njacknis I once edited a cats and dogs sample workflow and also wrote down which extensions were needed. Maybe you can check that out.

There are also environment propagations for Windows and MacOS (Intel):

Thank you very much! This is very helpful.

@njacknis if you want to explore the setup of KNIME and Deep Learning further you can read this article.

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