Error in creating Report witth variables

I am new in using Knime. We are using Knime 4.5.1.
I have created a workflow with some variables:
Everything is fine if I start a Report via “View Report in Web Viewer”.
But if I choose “View Report as PDF” (or as .pptx) the menue with the variables stay at the desktop after cklick on “ok”. Ist doesn´t dissapear and the Report will not be showed.
Have I made an mistake here or is it a bug?
How I have so handle oder solve the problem?

Another thing is that die view of the variables are different: if I take a look into the “Workflow Variable Administration” (in the picture below on the right side) there are points in the name of the variables. In the Data set view (in the picture below on the left side) they have underlines _.

Why were the name of the variables have been changed?
What I have to do to make sure that the variables are correctly used?

Thank you for helping me.

Kind regards

Hi @JZ_cgn -

So far I haven’t been able to recreate your problem. I adapted an existing workflow to add some global workflow variables with periods (.) in them, like you have, and although BIRT converted those periods to underscore characters, the reported was still generated when I exported to PDF.

Are you able to upload your workflow with sample data here for further testing, or is your data confidential?

Hello Scott,

thank you for your reply.
It seems, that knime doesn´t accept points in the name of workflow variables.
I have solved the problem in this workflow by not using variables but put the needed data into an Excel-Sheet that will be used in the workflow.

I will take care that I don´t use points in the name of workflow variables in future workflows.

Thank you very much (I am new in usig knime and still learning).

Kind regards

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Glad you were able to work around it :+1:

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