error in KNIME R Integration Node


for my scope I'm tryng to use mvOutlier of MVN R library in Knime with the R Snippet Node. To test the correct working I have runned this function in R and in Knime on the same database (the classic iris dataset) .

But there is a strange problem: when I run the R snippet node in Knime with this two command:

1- library(MVN)
2- knime.out <- mvOutlier(, qqplot = TRUE, method = "quan",label = TRUE)

I obtain exactly the same output PLOT on R but at the same time the R snippet node go to Execution Failed: "ERROR R Snippet            0:829      Execute failed: R evaluation failed".

With this error I cannot view the results on output table of R snippet node.

Thank you for any supports or suggestions

Hi sguarny,

KNIME expects to receive a dataframe from R as knime.out. Can you confirm that the object created by the mvOutlier is a dataframe? If not, you have to convert it first.