Error in module Python in Server (Xlswriter)

Hi, im trying run a workflow in Knime server(Team Plan) wich contain a python script but it gave me a error

The Enviroment used contains this module, so i dont know what happened, can you help me please!

Hi @MartelKhan,

Thank you for bringing up this topic. Could you please elaborate on the product you are currently using? I would expect that you are using the team plan of our community hub, including an execution feature?

If this is the case: Could you please try to execute the workflow again and tell us, when the execution was started (or the job name which includes a timestamp)? Did you use the Conda Propagation node to use your own Python environment?

In case you don’t want to share these details here on the forum I would like to ask you to open a support ticket by sending an email to .

Thanks in advance,

hi @MichaelRespondek, yes i’m have a team Plan, locally the workflow works but when execute in server show this error, here some executions

And show an image of flow,

I added the node conda env… to test but the error is the same when run in server

Thank you for sharing the valuable details, @MartelKhan .

Could you please check, if the Python node uses the right Conda environment by enabling the *Use Conda environment variable* and choose the variable propagating the configured Conda environment from the selection box?

This is needed as otherwise the default Conda Environment would be used, which should not contain the demanded missing module “xlsxwriter”.

The issue could be also caused by the Merge Variables node, which uses the first input by priority. So if the first attempt should fail also, you could try to connect the Conda Environment Propagation node with the output of the Merge Variables node instead of using one of its inputs to connect. So that the order would be Merge Variables → Conda Environment Propagation → Python Script.


Hi @MichaelRespondek, i leave this image with the explanation.

Hi @MartelKhan,

Thank you for the details. We are currently investigating, why the Conda Environment Propagation node fails.

I will get back to you as soon as we have results.

Hello MartelKhan,

our Cloud-Ops team very likely identified the root cause for this problem.

We have found the problem with the Conda propagation. Our images are on a later Conda version than what’s supported by our nodes.

A fix will be applied soon.

Best regards,