Error in MSGFPlusAdapter

I was trying to use MSGFPlusAdapter. 

My KNIME is 3.5.0. and on a Mac system macOS Sierra. V10.12.6.

In the preference -> Java -> Installed JREs, the selected JRE is: 



ERROR MSGFPlusAdapter      0:196      Failing process stdout: [Fatal error: Java is needed to run MS-GF+!, MSGFPlusAdapter took 0.00 s (wall), 0.00 s (CPU), 0.00 s (system), 0.00 s (user).]

ERROR MSGFPlusAdapter      0:196      Failing process stderr: [Java-Check:,   Java not found at 'java'!,   Make sure Java is installed and this location is correct.,   You might need to add the Java binary to your PATH variable,   or use an absolute path+filename pointing to Java.,   The current SYSTEM PATH is: '





:/Applications/KNIME'., ,   

On MacOSX, application bundles change the system PATH; Open your executable (e.g. KNIME/TOPPAS/TOPPView) from within the bundle (e.g. ./ to preserve the system PATH or use an absolute path to Java!, ]

ERROR MSGFPlusAdapter      0:196      Execute failed: Failed to execute node MSGFPlusAdapter



I cannot find this path in my Mac: :/Applications/KNIME

Attached a screen shot of the openms folder, I don't find any jre folder in this folder. 

How could I specify the java path? 

sorry for the late reply, I somehow was not notified here.

You can specify that in the binaries.ini in /Applications/KNIME You can either point JAVA_HOME in the ini to the JRE plugin that KNIME provides or point to any JRE installation on your computer.

KNIME moved their shipped JRE to an own plugin. We just fixed that recently and it will be included in the next release.