error in my flow loop flow variable having issue


I attached a flow in this having issue in variable path.Can anyone help me

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AR_SOA_IC.knwf (65.4 KB)

If you’d like to get help from the community here, I suggest you provide a bit more information in your post. People won’t open your workflow to check without knowing a bit of context, so they can determine if they have the right knowledge to help. Posting error messages and screenshots makes sure that people see if they can help quickly and then they might actually download the workflow to help you fix it.
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Hi Alex,

Thank you.

i am trying to write data in template for that I have created template path and out put path variable.but I am getting below error.

can you help me

Perfect, thank you. Without the screenshot, I would not have known how to help, because I do not have your input files and can therefore not even run the workflow. With the workflow and the screenshot, I see what is wrong, though:

In your String to Path nodes, you select Relative to: current data area. This means that the path starts in your workflow folder. But your actual strings contain absolute file system URIs beginning with C:. You therefore need to select “Local File System” as file system in the String to Path nodes.
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