Error in polynomial regression learner

Hello. I’m having problems with the Polynomial regression learner. The following image shows part of the data used for learning. Whenever I try to insert one of these first columns (integers until ZY), I get the error shown in the other figure. I’ve also added some figures of the console and the workflow. If I do not include any of these columns, it works perfectly (although I get bad results).

These 5 first columns correspond to dummy variables that have been created outside of KNIME, and I’m trying to learn a regression model of degree 2.

Hi @glimachave,

Thanks for bringing this here, while I’m not entirely sure why this error is occurring I was able to reproduce it by using an integer column with only 2 distinct values as an input for the Polynomial Regression Leaner.
I’m going to submit a ticket on our side and I’ll get back to you when I know more.

As a possible work around while this gets sorted out I found that using the Multi Column Math Formula node to add a small value like .001 to all the dummy variables allowed the regression run successfully. (simply changing it to a double did not)


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Fixed with KNIME Version 4.1.3.