Error in Python Source and Python Script python numpy

When I open Python Script and Python Source there is this message:

module ‘numpy’ has no attribute ‘str’

It could be that the numpy version of the environment needs to be downgraded. Try downgrading to numpy=1.23 or smaller.

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Ok. I’m going to try this

the alias as been retired among others in numpy 1.24 it seems … a problem might arise when other packages would use these syntax and functions … it might be necessary to change settings in one’s conda setup or other environments.


I didn’t know how to downgrade this and I asked ChatGPT for help. Then he helped me ■■■. Worked!


@Aldemir or if you want to use conda

conda install numpy=1.23

# if you want to install to a specific Python environment named "py3_knime"
conda install -n py3_knime numpy=1.23

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